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"Marriage Success"

Build a solid marriage foundation with our Certified Premarital Education Class. This class meets the 6 hour qualification in the State of Georiga for a reduction in the cost of your marriage license. At only $19.99, our program is by far the best of it's kind! You will learn from engaging video content as well as PDF's that you can print for continued learning. Simply click the link below to start your class. After completion, email us for your certificate of completion. 

In this program we will cover

Module 4

Lessons Learned after 15 Years of Marriage

Module 5


Module 6

Conflict Resolution

Over time, we all change. In this lesson

you'll learn how to adjust as you continue to grow together. The key is flexibility!

Productivity in marriage hinges on the ability to communicate. In this lesson, you'll learn valuable strategies to communicate better. 

Conflict is inevitable. Conflict happens in every relationship. In this session, you will learn success strategies for overcoming conflict in your marriage. 

Module 7

Conflict Resolution

Module 8

Conflict Tips for
Married Couples

Module 9

Relationship Building Tools

Do you find yourself holding to anger? Learning to resolve anger and hostility will significantly strengthen your relationships. In this session, we'll teach you how to resolve conflict.

Conflict in marriage is far different from any other conflicts you might experience. In this session, you'll learn valuable tips for resolving conflict as it arises in your home. 

If you want to build anything at all, you have to have the right tools. The most important project that you can build is your relationship with your spouse. In this session, you'll learn valuable tools you need to build your relationship with your spouse. 

Module 10

Extended Family

Extended family can be a blessing. The truth is that extended family can also be a burden on a relationship. In this session, you'll gain tips on the roles and boundaries that should be set. 

Module 11

Marital Advice

At Turning Point, we believe that you can learn from anybody! In this final session, you'll hear from couples of all backgrounds offering sage advice on what they wish they had known before they got married. From couples who have been married for days to those who have been married for over 50 years, you'll learn something that will stick with you as you journey into your lives together. 

Only $19.99! 

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