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Child Support Class

Taking responsibility for the children you create is a sign of maturity as a dad. Not taking responsibility by buying child support can create a great deal of legal trouble. It can also impact how your child sees you. At Turning Point, we offer an 8-week group class called, "Taking Responsibility." Our workbook based program challenges clients to:

  • Face the realities of fatherhood, their past and the steps that led to this point. 

  • Clients also learn helpful financial skills like budgeting.

  • Clients discover the 10 Qualities of a Great Father.

  • We share 10 Qualities to Help Your Child(ren) Become Healthy Adults.

  • Students discover 11 Ways to Improve Co-parenting Relationships. 

  • We also explore anger problems and how to make lasting changes. 

      Sign up online or give us a call for more                information! 

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