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    If you have been ordered by probation or an employer to receive an Anger Management Evaluation, we can help! We offer a comprehensive Anger Management Evaluation for a fee of $125.


    Our 12 week Anger Management Treatment Program is $30 per weekly group session. A workbook is required by each participant. The workbook includes homework assignments that must be completed in between sessions. There is a fee of $30 workbook fee, which includes shipping and handling. 

   Clients receive a certificate of completion after completing the program. Ready to start your change? It's simple. To register, choose your option below.  



  Have you been ordered by the courts, an employer or recommended by a loved one to seek help managing anger? Then look no further than Turning Point!


   We offer a comprehensive treatment to help you conquer anger and get beyond the effects that it causes.  

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Anger Management Evaluation $125

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12 Week Anger Management Class & Workbook $390

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Workbook Fee and 1st Week's Session Fee $65 (including shipping and handling)

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Anger Management Weekly Class Fee $30

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