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Common Mistakes That Can Destroy a Relationship

Relationships are challenging! We don’t receive a lot of instruction from the educational system, and many of us don’t have effective role models to use as a healthy reference. Relationships also come with a lot of ego sensitivity.

The prospect of rejection can make people do crazy things. There’s no doubt that relationships are sometimes very challenging to navigate.

Avoid the most common mistakes that ruin relationships:

1. Attempting to change the other person. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or get yourself to do something you don’t want to do, you know how challenging it can be to change. It’s 10 times harder to change another person. Expect that your partner will never change. Assuming you can mold him into something you can live with is foolish.

2. Avoiding confrontation at all costs. Some things aren’t worth arguing about. The things that really bother you are worth addressing. Otherwise, how will the situation ever improve? You’re setting yourself up to be annoyed, hurt, or frustrated on a daily basis for the rest of your life. Hard talks are necessary from time to time.

3. Not maintaining enough distance from your ex.