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Four Reasons to Schedule an Anger Management Evaluation

By Dr. Reginald Litman I Oct. 1, 2021 I Anger Management I Turning Point DUI School

1. Do you have outbursts of anger?

We all get angry. That's an undeniable fact. But, when the smallest things can easily tick you off and send you into an angry outburst, it is a good idea to learn strategies for anger management. For instance, it is quite common to become irritated in heavy traffic or when a server gets your order wrong at a restaurant. But, the question to ask is, "Does my anger match the issue?" If it does not, it needs to be addressed.

2. Is your stress out of control?

Undeniably, one of the most effective tools anyone can learn is anger management. But, being able to identify the source of your stress is critical to understanding your habits. When you discover that you tend to always experience a high amount of stress, you'll remain in a mode referred to as fight or flight. Fight or flight is when your emotions accelerate abruptly at the first sign of a perceived crisis. Your body goes into a mode of defense or offense. If you cannot avoid or successfully navigate a confrontation, the normal reaction will be fighting or anger.

Too often we accept these behaviors as normal. However, in reality we need to find healthier means by which we can reduce and manage the stress. Seeking an effective counselor or coach to help you learn anger management strategies can prove to be helpful in managing stress as well as reducing outbursts of anger.